Cratos Asset Management

The mission of Cratos Asset Management is to offer clients a wide range of financial products and services in order to enable them to achieve their personal financial aspirations.

The core values of Cratos Asset Management are integrity and Treating Customers Fairly. We aim to be open and transparent and to ensure that we service clients well by communicating proactively.

Our vision is to offer a comprehensive bespoke service to clients, whether through proprietary products or through partnerships with industry leaders.

As an authorized Financial Services Provider (FSP no. 46597), Cratos Asset Management (Pty) Ltd is licensed to offer shares, derivatives and money market instruments, both on a discretionary and non‐discretionary basis.

Clients are able to trade shares, ETFs and CFDs both in South Africa and across the world’s major exchanges through market-leading trading systems placed at their fingertips. We also provide bespoke portfolio management solutions for clients by way of segregated portfolios. Through our partnerships, we also offer clients tax efficient products in order to optimize wealth creation.

We are currently in the process of widening the range of products available to clients and expanding our highly qualified and experienced investment team.